Month: January 2018

white hot chocolate

Homemade White Hot Chocolate

White hot chocolate is not made from a powdered mix. Instead it is a mixture of good-quality chocolate, whole cream, milk, and vanilla. This creamy and smooth beverage is less sweet than cocoa, with no extra added sugar, but even more rich and decadent. Today I’m making a confession. I […]


Making Kimchi for the First Time

Yeah! It’s Kimchi time! A word of warning, there are pictures of me here in sweatpants, no makeup, and very unkempt hair. Comfy clothes were made for the holidays, right?! We are all sloppy once in a while, aren’t we? No one ALWAYS looks perfect…unless everyone else does and I […]

Korean Ppopgi

Traditional Korean 뽑기 (Ppopgi)

Burrrr!! It is so cold out. With work canceled and a crazy snow storm raging outside, I decided it is the perfect time to make one of my beau’s favorite traditional Korean winter sweet-treats. Today we are going to learn how to make Korean 뽑기 Ppopgi (also known as Dalgona)! […]