Month: October 2019

Pumpkins with gargoyle

A Guide to Picking Your Pumpkins! 

Happy Halloween y’all!  Are some of y’all decorating at last minute or the day of? Earlier this month, we came across the cutest little store outside Charlottesville named Greenwood Gourmet Grocery where we picked up all of our pumpkins. That got me thinking: these days, people are decorating with more […]

A Basket of Apples

How to Freeze Apples: Easy and Quick Method

Two weeks ago, we shared our fall bucket list with you. We listed everything we wanted to accomplish in order to fully embrace and enjoy this sweater wearing, latte drinking, pumpkin carving season. The first item on that autumn list was apple picking!  Charlottesville is famous for its breweries, apple […]

Napa Cabbage

Gardening For Beginners – Starting a Patio Garden

I am an amateur gardener. I’m no Floret Flowers, who made their career growing plants and flowers. Honestly, I knew little to nothing about gardening at first.  Thankfully, Elizabeth came to the rescue. She knows how to properly grow plants through an interest in botany and years working in the […]

Fall leaves

10 Things to Try This Fall

  Our Autumn Bucket List And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” — Oscar Wilde Fall officially started last week. The temperatures are starting to drop. The leaves are beginning to color and fall. The air is turning crisp and thin in the morning dawn. Before you miss it, […]