Month: September 2020

Condemned Building Halloween Decorations

Condemned Building Halloween Decorations

More than ever, we need a little bit of fun in our lives. Though trick-or-treating and Halloween parties may be postponed or completely scrapped this year (happy 2020 y’all), we can still enjoy the season with treats and decorations.  Last year, we decorated our porch window with spooky and haunting […]

7 Korean Food Bloggers We Love

7 Korean Food Bloggers We Love: Emily Recommends (I)

Our ‘Emily Recommends Series’ will be a constant and consistent part of our blog moving forward. Check out all of our recommendations for cooking techniques, tricks, writers, bloggers, YouTubers, ingredients, etc. every Thursday! To start the series, we wanted to introduce our all-time favorite Korean food bloggers! With Chuseok, otherwise […]

Halloween Tempered Chocolate Treats and Decorations

Tempered Chocolate Halloween Treats & Decorations

BOO!!! It’s that spooky time of year again. Halloween is around the corner y’all! Have you started planning your Halloween decorations and treats? This year, I am focusing on my chocolate-work skills. I am making tempered chocolate Halloween decorations to add onto the top of my baked goodies! Though we […]

southern style grits in a pot

How to Make Southern Style (Lowcountry) Grits

On more than one occasion, I have heard individuals claim that they “don’t like grits,” and can’t understand why we do. That’s all fine and dandy… IF they have tried the real deal! To each their own, right? But, more often than not, those individuals have tried the instant, overly […]

Korean Pickled Garlic (Maneul Jangajji)

Korean Pickled Garlic (Maneul Jangajji)

When learning to cook in a Korean kitchen, you will need to master how to prepare different side dishes, otherwise known as banchan, as they are present during every meal. You may not be familiar with many, but I guarantee you have heard of at least one Korean banchan… You […]