Month: March 2022

An overhead shot of Korean red beans (red adzuki beans)

 Red Adzuki Beans in Korean Cooking (Pat)

For thousands of years, people in South Korea have used a unique ingredient, known as red adzuki beans, to make savory rice and porridge dishes as well as sweet fillings for desserts. For many, this ingredient may seem strange to you. After all, in the United States, we rarely, if not never, use beans to make sweet treats! Here, we go in-depth about red adzuki beans in Korean cooking! 

An overhead shot of garaetteok. The cylinder tteok sits next to round and sliced tteok.

What Are Korean Cylinder Rice Cakes? (Garaetteok) 

Do you like tteokbokki? What about jajang tteokbokki or tteokkochi? If so, you have eaten Korean cylinder-shaped rice cakes known as garaetteok! ‘Garaetteok’ (가래떡), also known as ‘garae-tteok’ or ‘garaeddeok,’ is a type of Korean tteok. People make this soft and chewy Korean rice cake by steaming non-glutinous rice flour. Here, I write in-depth about this ingredient. 

A side shot of kimchi rice balls on a grey plate.

Kimchi Rice Balls (Kimchi Jumeokbap) 

Do you enjoy picnicking during the warmer months of the year? If so, try adding kimchi jumeokbap, otherwise known as Korean kimchi rice balls, to your picnic repertoire! Or, instead, you can also make these for a simple meal at home. n South Korea, people often make these quick and easy rice balls as a rice-based filling ingredient in packed lunches. Previously, I wrote about Korean rice balls when I published my basic jumeokbap recipe. Now, I want to introduce you to these kimchi-based rice balls!

An overhead shot of Yakult soju popsicles on a pink plate. The plate sits next to a bottle of Yakult

Yakult Soju Popsicle Recipe

Recently, on Carving A Journey, I published a recipe for the popular Korean Yakult soju cocktail. While delicious as a cooling spring and summer cocktail, you can also transform it into the perfect boozy popsicle! This popsicle has a light and refreshing milky citrus flavor. The Yakult gives the popsicle a slightly sweet and fruity taste, while the Sprite adds the extra sweetness needed in the popsicle. Then, the final flavor is the boozy soju! Why drink a cocktail if you can eat it as a popsicle instead?!