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Yakult soju cocktail on a pink plate. It sits next to a green plant, a shaker, and a Yakult drink.

Yakult Soju Cocktail Recipe

Every few months, I publish a soju cocktail recipe. This time, I am publishing a recipe for the popular Yakult soju cocktail! In South Korea, people make this cocktail using a well-loved childhood sweet drink known as ‘Yakult.’ From there, they add soju and Sprite. In the end, the drink tastes citrusy, light, and refreshing. Honestly, it is a bit dangerous because you cannot taste the alcohol! 

Dipping a steak fry into gochujang mayo. The mayo sits in a white bowl

Gochujang Mayo Recipe

Do you like Korean flavors? If so, try making this gochujang mayo sauce! This sauce is the perfect condiment to spread on burgers, hotdogs, fish tacos, and sandwiches. I also recommend it as a dipping sauce for fries, roasted vegetables, and more! No matter how you use it, this sauce will add a delicious umami layer to your dish. 

Korean soybean sprout salad on a white plate

Korean Soybean Sprout Salad (Kongnamul Muchim)

Kongnamul muchim is a common side dish people serve in their households. Crispy and crunchy, it is the perfect light and refreshing side dish for every Korean meal. In Korean households, people typically make two types of kongnamul muchim. On one hand, they make a spicy version using gochugaru (red pepper flakes). On the other hand, they make a mild version without the hot Korean pepper flakes. 

Korean mung bean sprout salad next to kimchi and rice with an egg

Korean Mung Bean Sprout Salad (Sukju-Namul Muchim) 

Recently, I wrote about mung bean sprouts and their purpose in Korean food culture. The sprouts, named ‘sukju’ or ‘sukju-namul’ are a common ingredient in popular dishes such as bibimbap, mung bean pancakes, and some stews. Sukju-namul muchim is a popular Korean side dish salad served often in people’s households. Light and refreshing, it has a crispy and crunchy texture. Let’s learn how to make it here!

Korean cabbage pancakes next to dipping sauce

Korean Cabbage Pancakes Recipe (Baechu Jeon)

In late fall and early winter, families across South Korea come together to make kimchi. The most popular variation of kimchi is known as baechu kimchi. It is made using napa cabbage! Another popular dish using napa cabbage that people make in South Korea is baechu jeon, a type of pan-fried cabbage pancake. Here, we will learn all about jeon. Then, we will give some cooking tips & tricks as well as answer some questions you may have about this recipe. I hope you enjoy trying this delicious Korean savory treat. Happy cooking!