About Us

About Us


Has there ever been a time in life when you wished to stop the clock; to take a second to look upon that warm, fuzzy moment, whether it is to freeze the frame as your family gathers around the table, to snap a picture of a friend’s covered face after having been shoved into birthday cake, or to pause the rolling film as your child runs toward you? Food, family, friends, and nature bring people together in the most poignant of ways. We each carve an individual way through life, but we also take time to share, hope, and dream together along the way while on the journey.


Carving a Journey has been created with the thought of sharing these adventures. It is meant to be interactive, because we want to hear from and have fun with you, as much as we hope you would like to hear from us. That’s why we decided to share a little game! Each week we will introduce a hint. It will be nothing more than an envelope with a clue displayed. Inside the envelope will be holding the secret recipe. Throughout the week you have a chance to guess what the dish in question could possibly be. Some will be easier than others. It could be a classic recipe that has been passed down through time, or something exotic and totally new to you. The first reader to guess correctly in the comment section of the hint page will receive the recipe card, a handwritten note from us, and, on random occasions, a hidden surprise.


Now, it is time to introduce ourselves. We are Elizabeth and Emily, a sister-duo with hearts and souls fashioned for making and enjoying the beautiful things in life. Like everything in our home, Carving a Journey is a family affair. While Elizabeth is the girl in the garden, playing while creating that perfect hedge or bringing in rich, fresh produce to be made into something scrumptious, Emily is the girl in the kitchen mixing up old family recipes or causing mayhem with concocted creations that sometimes go right, but often go wrong.

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