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Halloween Tempered Chocolate Treats and Decorations

Tempered Chocolate Halloween Treats & Decorations

BOO!!! It’s that spooky time of year again. Halloween is around the corner y’all! Have you started planning your Halloween decorations and treats? This year, I am focusing on my chocolate-work skills. I am making tempered chocolate Halloween decorations to add onto the top of my baked goodies! Though we […]

How to Peel Garlic: Garlic sitting on a cutting board

How to Peel Garlic Quickly and Easily

Across countries and continents, our food culture may differ, but we can agree on three fundamental truths in the kitchen: Garlic is a pain to peel  Onions make us cry Hot peppers burn if we accidentally touch our eyes or face Hey, we are all human right? While the latter […]

Bottles of sake as an introduction to the question: is sake gluten free?

Is Sake Gluten-Free? How to Find Gluten-Free Sake

Photo Credit: oonnuuoo Sake is a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice. Generally containing 15% to 20% alcohol, its sweet yet subtle taste goes perfectly with Asian-style dishes, like chicken yakitori or kimchi. Sake is not just a great drink but also an essential ingredient to many Japanese […]

A Well Seasoned Cast-Iron

How to Care For Your Cast-Iron Skillet

Across the south, the cast-iron skillet still remains an essential piece of cookware in every household’s kitchen. You will find it sitting in a place of honor, front and center on the stove, or stashed away neatly in the oven, always close at hand. Its ability to conduct and evenly […]

Happy New Year

~ Happy New Year ~

Photo Credit: Deva Williamson   Dear Readers,    We hope you    Raise a glass and cheer, “Happy New Year to all!”  Turn to your loved one and give them a kiss. Bow to your elders and wish them a long and happy life.  Eat a grape with each chime […]