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by Emily

Welcome to Carving A Journey! My name is Emily, and I created Carving A Journey to celebrate the combined food cultures of my internationally blended family–while my upbringing and heritage derive from the southern United States, my husband’s stems from South Korea! 

As you read through our recipes, I hope they inspire you to try cooking new, flavorful, and innovative foods influenced by not only our two cultures but foods from around the world.

On this site, you will find a host of different recipes from our Southern and Korean cultures. If you would like, you can search through our breakfast, appetizer, beverage, entrée, sauce/condiment/dip, side dish, or dessert recipes! We hope you find a recipe to enjoy no matter how you look through our blog! 

Further, if you need any cooking tips or tricks, as well as recommendations from our fellow bloggers, check out our lifestyle and culinary tips section of our blog!

And finally, you can learn all about my background as well as look at some frequently asked questions below!

As I continue to build this site, I hope you support us as we carve our life’s journey. So, stick around for a while and see where the adventure takes us! Thanks for taking the time to learn about Carving A Journey. I hope you enjoy reading our blog.

About Me (Emily): 

Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, I grew up cooking and eating classic southern recipes such as grits, hot pepper jelly, and deviled eggs. As I continued to grow, I fell in love with cooking for friends and family–after all, good food and good company make a good and happy life. 

Then, when studying the Great Books at a small university, I met and fell in love with someone from the other side of the globe. In college, as an international couple, we enjoyed teaching one another about our cultures through food. After graduating, I moved to his home country, South Korea, to work in the public school systems and learn further about his culture as he served in the Korean military.  

Now married and back in the United States, I write about and photograph the different types of food we eat in our home–a mix of Southern and Korean recipes as well as recipes influenced by our travels and curiosities. 

Carving A Journey Frequently Asked Questions:

Are You On Social Media? 

Yes! Follow along via InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Pinterest. Also, if you make some of our recipes, please tag us on Instagram! We love seeing all of your creations. 

You can also contact us at carvingajourney@gmail.com. We try to respond to every email sent to us!

What If I’m Gluten-Free? What About Other Dietary Restrictions or Allergies? 

As someone with celiac disease, our household is always gluten-free. As such, I will always provide gluten-free recommendations for the recipes published on Carving A Journey

Also, because of my dietary restrictions, I am acutely aware of other people’s as well. As such, when able, I will recommend variations for major allergies and food restrictions. 

With Your Blog, Where Should I Start Reading? 

To start, we recommend signing up for our email list. If you sign up, our newest recipes, cooking tips, and recommendations will go straight to your inbox. We do not share our email list with others or spam you with too much content. 

You can check out our Southern, USA and Korean recipes.

Or you can look through our breakfast, appetizer, beverage, entrée, sauce/condiment/dip, side dish, or dessert sections of our blog! 

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Do You Participate In Sponsorships or Affiliate Programs?

Yes! We do accept sponsorships and affiliate programs on Carving A Journey. We are very selective about the products we endorse on our website. Every product we recommend or endorse we fully believe in. 

Currently, Carving A Journey is currently participating in the Amazon Associate program. This is an affiliate program, meaning I am not paid or sponsored to endorse a product. Instead, I learn a commission based on qualified purchases from my website.