Sweet Potato Latte Cover Photo

Korean Sweet Potato Latte (Goguma Latte)

During the upcoming autumn and winter seasons, try making our sweet potato latte recipe to warm your belly–It is the perfect treat to get you into the cozy, fireside mood. You can easily make this comforting and subtle Korean cafe drink at home in just a few minutes of active cooking. Soon, you will be sipping on this velvety, fragrant drink!

Somaek, Beer, and Soju Lined Up

Somaek (Korean Soju and Beer Cocktail)

In South Korea, the two most popular alcoholic drinks are undoubtedly soju and beer. While some people choose to drink copious bottles of beer or shots of soju, others mix the two into a smooth cocktail known as ‘somaek.’ Here, we will take a deep dive into how to make good somaek. Then, we will learn about some somaek food pairings, as well as Korean drinking culture tips.

Peach Sweet Tea and Bourbon

Peach Sweet Tea and Bourbon Cocktail

Once we reach July and August, we are in the middle of the summer sweet and juicy peach season! As a Georgia girl, we do two things really well: naming streets after peaches and making sweet tea. As such, I couldn’t go through the peach season without sharing this peach sweet tea and bourbon cocktail. Soon, you will be adding this recipe to your list of party-pleaser cocktails to quench thirst during the summer heat. We hope you enjoy it!

Korean Strawberry Matcha Latte

Homemade Strawberry Matcha Latte Recipe

Our iced strawberry matcha latte is the perfect drink to consume during the hottest months of the year. Not only is it cool and refreshing, but it is also quick and easy to make at home! To make this drink, you need to prepare the three beautifully colorful layers. Each layer adds a different flavor profile to this refreshing beverage. The first layer consists of a sweet fruity mixture made from macerated strawberries and sugar. Then, the second layer consists of your choice of milk, whether it be cow’s milk or a milk replacement. Finally, the top layer consists of frothed matcha powder and water.

Delicious Banana Peach Smoothie next to bananas and peaches

Banana Peach Smoothie Recipe

Recently, I posted a delicious recipe for Korean banana-flavored milk. With the leftover bananas, I decided to make a Southern-influenced summer recipe. This summer, try making our creamy and sweet banana peach smoothie! As a southern Georgia girl, peach season immediately means peach cobbler, canning spiced peaches, grilled peaches, and homemade peach ice cream. So, why not add another peach recipe to the mix, right?!