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Two oysters sitting in the someone's hands

How to Clean Oysters Before Shucking

Every year, our family would buy fresh local oysters from a store that would get them directly off the boat earlier that day. While they were the freshest oysters you could possibly get, they were not cleaned like those you would find in the grocery store. These oysters had all the bottom mud coated on them. Here, we will go through step-by-step instructions on how to properly clean oysters.

Rice in triangle kimbap

Korean Rice: Mepssal

Like many countries in East Asia, traditional South Korean meals predominantly center around a bowl of rice. The significance of rice in Korean food culture cannot be overemphasized or dramatized. Not only is it a daily stable served at most meals, but it is also part of the cultural identity of South Korea stemming from hardships, survival, and social resilience. If you wish to learn about Korean culture, it is important to know about rice. Here, I will write about ‘mepssal,’ the type of rice used most commonly at a Korean dinner table.

Seaweed sheets sitting in a blue bowl next to chopsticks

Dried Seaweed Sheets Used in Korean Cuisine

In much of Asia, people use edible dried seaweed sheets in much of their cooking. You may recognize that people use these sheets to make Japanese sushi or Korean kimbap. In America, we often use the Japanese term ‘nori’ to refer to these dried seaweed sheets. That being the case, if you are learning to cook Korean food, you will often see the seaweed referred to as ‘gim’ or ‘kim’ (김) in Korean recipes.

2021 Holiday Foodie Gift Guide

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Where did this year go? Didn’t 2021 just begin? Whether you are ready for it or not, the holiday season is just around the corner. Usually, we publish our holiday gift guide closer to the end of November. This year, we decided to publish it a bit early because of the supply chain obstructions due to many issues such as the pandemic. 

White kimchi sitting next to steamed pork

Kimchi Container: How to Store Your Kimchi

Every fall, families across South Korea come together to make their national dish: kimchi. The process is labor-intensive. Once made, people divide the kimchi into different containers to take home and store. I recently wrote about kimchi refrigerators and why people use them in South Korea. Now, I want to go over different types of kimchi containers people use. After all, once you make the kimchi, you need to be able to store it properly!