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Korean Strawberry Bingsu Recipe

by Emily
Korean strawberry bingsu topped with strawberry ice cream in a white bowl. It sits on a red place mat. A container of strawberries sit on the background.

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Do you ever crave desserts containing strawberries? To me, there is nothing better than the tart, sweet, and fruity flavor of a luscious ripe strawberry. Korean strawberry shaved ice combines the flavors of fresh strawberries, decadent strawberry puree, creamy strawberry ice cream, and snow-like shaved ice. 

To me, it is the ultimate no-bake spring and summer dessert. Bingsu is one of my favorite frozen desserts, not only for its diversity in flavors (for example, check out my mango bingsu recipe) but because it is unbelievably simple to make!

In this recipe article, I teach you how to make bingsu as well as answer some questions you may have about this recipe! Let me know if you enjoy this Korean shaved ice treat! 

Note: Bingsu melts FAST! Make sure to eat it right away! You can see the progression of the bingsu melting in my photos!

Another shot of Korean strawberry bingsu topped with strawberry ice cream in a white bowl. It sits on a red place mat. A container of strawberries sit on the background.
Delicious Korean Strawberry Bingsu!

What Is Bingsu?

As I stated in my mango bingsu recipe, ‘bingsu’ (빙수) is a cold Korean shaved ice dessert that is topped with a variety of sweet flavorings. 

To make this Korean dessert, people prepare the shaved ice base by combining and freezing milk and sweetened condensed milk. Once the mixture is frozen, they shave the ice, place it in the bowl, and add toppings. These toppings can include more sweetened condensed milk, ice cream, fruits, nuts, red beans, fruit syrups, purees, and more!

Here, we will learn how to make Korean strawberry shaved ice. In Korean, the term for strawberry bingsu is ‘ddalgi bingsu’ (딸기 빙수). In English, ‘ddalgi’ (딸기) means ‘strawberry,’ while ‘bingsu (빙수) is the Korean term for this type of shaved ice. 

To learn a small amount about the history of bingsu in Korea, I recommend checking out my mango bingsu recipe! In that post, I explain the history of both bingsu and the modern Korean mango shaved ice! Beyond learning about this dessert’s history, you can learn how to make another yummy shaved ice recipe! 

Note: In English, you may see this dish spelled either ‘bingsu’ or ‘bingsoo.’ Both English spellings mean exactly the same thing when referring to this Korean dish.

Korean Strawberry Bingsu Ingredients:

As I stated above, people in Korea refer to strawberry shaved ice as ddalgi bingsu’ (딸기 빙수). Below, I list the ingredients used to make this trendy strawberry bingsu recipe:

Shaved Ice Ingredients:

  • Whole Milk
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk

Toppings Ingredients: 

  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Sugar
  • Condensed Milk
  • Strawberry Ice Cream
Korean strawberry shaved ice topped with strawberry ice cream in a white bowl. It sits on a red place mat. A container of strawberries sit on the background.
Try Making This During Spring and Summer!

Korean Strawberry Bingsu Tips & Tricks: 

Here, I list some helpful tips & tricks to help you make this strawberry bingsu dessert. I hope these tips help! If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below or email me at [email protected]!

How to Make Shaved Milk-Ice:

  • To make the shaved ice, combine your sweetened condensed milk and milk in an airtight container such as a freezer-safe plastic bag. Then, freeze for at least 4 hours or overnight.
  • Once frozen, you can use different methods to make the fluffy texture.
    • Method 1: Using a fork, scrape the frozen mixture to make the shaved ice texture. 
    • Method 2: If you placed the mixture into a freezer-safe Ziploc bag, you can use a rolling pin to break apart the icy clump. To do this, you can roll over and hit the outside of the bag. I prefer this method. On many Korean home cooking websites, this seems to be the preferred method. Once you created the fluffy texture, spoon the edible ‘snow’ into a bowl. 
    • Method 3: Place the frozen mixture into a blender and quickly pulse into coarse shavings. This method can be tricky. Blenders heat up when running. As the machine heats while running, it also heats the ingredients inside the blender. If you use this method, pulse quickly to not melt your ice back into a liquid. 
  • OR, you can use a bingsu ice machine or shaved ice machine. Professional kitchens use these machines. You can buy smaller versions for your house as well! Online, you can find hand crank machines as well as electric-powered ones.

How to Prepare the Toppings:

The only topping you need to prepare in advance is the strawberry puree. Below are the instructions for making chunky and smoothie puree! 

  • To make the strawberry chunky puree, slice some of your strawberries into small chunks. Then, mash them until they release their juices and become mushy. Combine your sugar with the mashed strawberries and let it sit. 
  • Place the mixture, covered, in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours. Note: You can also use any leftovers to make Korean strawberry milk or a strawberry matcha latte as well! 
  • OR, for a smooth strawberry puree, combine your strawberries, sugar, and a bit of lemon juice in a blender. Blend until all the ingredients combine. Then, store in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours before use. 

Beyond putting together the strawberry puree, you need to prepare washed sliced fresh strawberries and scoops of strawberry ice cream!

How to Put the Strawberry Bingsu Together: 

  • Once you make the shaved ice, pack it into a large bowl
  • Then, pour even more sweetened condensed milk over the shaved ice. I recommend adding a few tablespoons. 
  • Next, drizzle over your sweetened strawberry puree
  • Finally, top your bingsu with sliced fresh strawberries and strawberry ice cream. I always pour a little more strawberry puree at the end to make it pretty. 
  • Serve cold! 
A side shot of Korean strawberry bingsu topped with strawberries. The bingsu sits on a red placemat next to a bowl of strawberries.
If You Like This, Try My Mango Bingsu Recipe!

Strawberry Shaved Ice Frequently Asked Questions: 

Now that we learned some tips & tricks for this recipe, I want to answer some questions you may have as well! If I do not answer your question, once again, feel free to leave a comment in the section below or email me at [email protected]

What Does Strawberry Bingsu Taste Like?

While Korean shaved ice contains a lot of sugar (via the sweetened condensed milk), it does not taste overly sweet. The milk-based shaved ice has a satisfying creamy but icy texture.

The toppings taste sweeter than the actual shaved ice! The fresh strawberries, strawberry puree, and strawberry ice cream add both sweetness and tartness to this dessert. 

Does This Recipe Contain Major Allergens? (Gluten, Soy, Etc.)

This recipe does not contain 8 of the 9 major allergens. It does not contain: 

  • Crustacean shellfish
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Tree nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Wheat (Gluten)
  • Soybeans
  • Sesame

This recipe does contain 1 of the 9 major allergens. It contains: 

  • Milk

For those with lactose intolerance: I recommend replacing the milk and sweetened condensed milk with a lactose-free version of each. Note that milk alternatives tend to get grainier than regular dairy milk when frozen. You will also need to find a lactose-free strawberry ice cream for the toppings.   

For those with a milk allergy: I recommend replacing the milk with your favorite milk-free alternative (such as soy, almond, or coconut milk). Then, you can replace the condensed milk with a homemade milk-free sweetened condensed milk alternative. I found many recipes when I searched ‘vegan condensed milk alternative!’ Finally, you will need to replace the strawberry ice cream with a dairy-free alternative. Thankfully, there are many recipes online and dairy-free ice creams on the market. 

Finally, I always recommend checking the ingredients used in any processed item you buy for my recipes. In this case, your strawberry ice cream. Sometimes, food can be processed with other allergens. It’s always best to make sure it is safe if you have any allergies!

Korean shaved ice topped with strawberries and ice cream. Strawberries sit in the background.
I Hope You Enjoy This Recipe!

Is This Recipe Vegetarian or Vegan?

Excitingly, this recipe is naturally vegetarian. 

Unfortunately, this recipe is not vegan as it contains both milk and sweetened condensed milk. Thankfully, I can make the same recommendation for vegan individuals as I do for those with a milk allergy. 

  • I recommend replacing the milk with your favorite milk-free alternative (such as soy, almond, or coconut milk). Once again, note that milk alternatives tend to get grainier than regular dairy milk when frozen.    
  • For sweetened condensed milk, you can make homemade milk-free alternatives via recipes online!
  • Finally, you can either eliminate the strawberry ice cream or find a vegan ice cream alternative to add as a topping! 

Where Do I Buy the Ingredients?

You can buy all the ingredients necessary to make this recipe at your local well-stocked grocery store!

How Do I Store Leftovers?

To store the leftover frozen milk ice, I recommend placing it back in the freezer in an airtight container. 

Then, you can place your fresh strawberries and strawberry puree into the refrigerator. I recommend using both of these within a few days so they do not spoil. 

I Hope You Enjoyed Learning How to Make This Korean Strawberry Bingsu Recipe!

In the end, I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this Korean strawberry recipe! If so, let me know in the comment section! 

If you would like to read more about cooking, you can find further recipes on this blog. I listed some of my favorite Carving A Journey recipes below! For reference, many recipes are influenced by my family’s blended Korean and Southern heritage.

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Korean Strawberry Bingsu Recipe

Recipe by Emily
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Course: Recipe IndexCuisine: KoreanDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Freezing Time




  • Bingsu Shaved Ice
  • 3 Cups Whole Milk

  • 5 TBSP Sweetened Condensed Milk

  • Strawberry Puree (Use as Needed to Taste)
  • 200 G Strawberries, Diced

  • 90 G Sugar

  • Further Toppings
  • Sliced Fresh Strawberries, Added to Taste

  • 1 Large Scoop Strawberry Ice Cream

  • Sweetened Condensed Milk, Added to Taste


  • Prep the Night Before Serving:
  • In a freezer-safe plastic bag, combine the whole milk and sweetened condensed milk. Mix until fully combined. Then, double bag the mixture to keep it from leaking. Place the mixture flat in the freeze. Let freeze for at least four hours or overnight.
  • Prep on the Day of Serving:
  • Prepare your strawberry puree. Do so by combining 200g if diced fresh strawberries with 90g of sugar. Let it sit 1-2 hours in a covered medium-sized bowl in the refrigerator. As it sits, the mixture turns into a chunky syrup.
  • When ready to prepare the shaved ice, remove your milk and sweetened condensed milk from the refrigerator. Without a machine, use a rolling pin to hit and break apart the mixture.* With an ice shaver, feed the mixture through the machine.
  • Then, assemble the bingsu. First, drizzle 1 to 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk over the shaved ice. Then, add sliced pieces of strawberry around the shaved ice. Next, pour over your strawberry puree mixture.** Finally, add a large scoop of strawberry ice cream to the top.
  • Serve immediately before it melts. Serves 2 large portions or 4 small portions. I recommend serving with iced coffee or iced americanos!


  • *Above, in the tips & tricks section, I give more detailed explanations on how to make the shaved ice without a machine.
  • **You don’t have to use all the strawberry puree. If you don’t use it all, you can also make homemade Korean strawberry milk or a strawberry matcha latte!
  • Bingsu melts FAST! Make sure to eat it right away! You can see in my photos that the bingsu melts quickly.

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