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Korean Sick food Post--A photo of a spoon and chopstick on a little plate

Korean Sick Food: What to Eat When Feeling Sick

It’s that time of the year–the holidays are over and people are starting to feel run down from being with family, eating and drinking way too much, the contagious bugs going around, and/or the cold weather. Whatever the case, if you are feeling under the weather, Korea has some delicious meals that help you get back on your feet.

2021 Year in Review--Carving A Journey Logo

The 2021 Year In Review

In 2021, my little hobby blog, which had maybe (MAYBE) 100 people visit every month, slowly grew each month. Now, this blog is my career! To reflect on the past year, I will share my favorite blog post for each month, as well as some insight as to why it is my favorite!

A photo of a traditional Korean building--the walls are green and red in color

Korean New Year (Lunar New Year)

Happy New Year everyone! Around the world, people are celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another. But, have you ever heard of Lunar New Year? In some cultures, people not only celebrate New Year on December 31st of every year but also New Year following the lunar calendar. South Korea is one of those countries!

Korean cabbage pancakes next to dipping sauce

Korean Cabbage Pancakes Recipe (Baechu Jeon)

In late fall and early winter, families across South Korea come together to make kimchi. The most popular variation of kimchi is known as baechu kimchi. It is made using napa cabbage! Another popular dish using napa cabbage that people make in South Korea is baechu jeon, a type of pan-fried cabbage pancake. Here, we will learn all about jeon. Then, we will give some cooking tips & tricks as well as answer some questions you may have about this recipe. I hope you enjoy trying this delicious Korean savory treat. Happy cooking!