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An overhead shot of chunjang and a container of the paste
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What Is Chunjang Paste? (Korean Black Bean Paste)

Like in the United States, South Korea has a huge Chinese food takeout culture. Also like in the United States, Korean Chinese food has adapted and changed until it no longer tastes authentic to match the Korean preferences and palate. Undoubtedly, the most famous Korean-Chinese dish in and outside of South Korea is jjajangmyeon, a wheat noodle dish topped with a thick brownish-black sauce. The sauce used for jjajangmyeon is known as jjajang (짜장)–otherwise known as ‘fried sauce.’ The main ingredient of the jjajang sauce is ‘chunjang’ (춘장). Here, we will discuss chunjang as an ingredient as well as Korean-Chinese dishes made using this sauce.

Jajang tteokbokki on a blue tray
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One-Pot Korean Jajang Tteokbokki Recipe

Do you enjoy eating ‘tteokbokki’ (떡볶이), a Korean dish made by mixing rice cakes in spicy red sauce? What about ‘jajangmyeon’ (짜장면), a Korean-Chinese noodle dish made with a fermented black bean sauce? If so, you will love ‘jajang tteokbokki’ which combines the rice cakes from the tteokbokki with the sauce from the jjajangmyeon. 

Persimmons hanging to dry
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Persimmon: A Guide to Persimmons in Korean Cuisine

This fall season, when you travel across South Korea, you will undoubtedly see rows of bright orange fruit hanging out to dry in the sun. These hanging fruits are persimmons, the edible fruit of numerous different species of trees in the genus of Diospyros. Juicy and sweet, people in Korea love these fruits. Originally from China, persimmons made their way over to the Korean peninsula sometime in the last 1,000 years. Learn about the persimmon fruit here!

Halloween spider on a wooden block
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Easy DIY Halloween Spider Decorations

t is that time of year again! Every October, I decorate my small apartment porch with homemade Halloween decorations. While I am not a craft blog, I find so much joy learning to make a new Halloween craft, surprising the neighborhood kids with a new porch decoration, and then sharing it with my readers. This year, I am going to teach you how to make the cutest easy DIY Halloween spider decorations. While you can make this craft on your own, you can also make it with large groups of friends and family. It is also kid-friendly! 

How to Freeze Ginger--Ginger on a Platter
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Can You Freeze Ginger? How to Freeze Ginger

These days, I am continually working toward preparing food and ingredients in a less wasteful and more conscientious way. Freezing food and ingredients is a popular method used when trying to reduce waste. While it is true that ginger root can keep in the fridge for an extremely long time, we often forget about it as it gets shoved further and further behind leftovers and other ingredients. Here, we will discuss whether or not you can freeze ginger. Then, I will give helpful tips and tricks for freezing ginger. Finally, I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to freeze ginger!