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Korean Breakfast Trend: Greek Momo Recipe

by Emily
A beautiful breakfast table with peach momo

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Since 2018, around this time every year, the ‘Greek momo’ pops up across social media in South Korea. This aesthetically pleasing summer recipe is extremely delicious–To make the Greek momo, you combine creamy greek yogurt with a sweet and juicy peach. In the end, you have the perfect breakfast or brunch treat for yourself, your significant other, and/or friends! 

I enjoy eating this on a lazy Sunday morning at home. While the breeze blows into my kitchen, I enjoy softly turning on the radio and preparing with a delicious pot of pour-over coffee. Couldn’t you imagine eating this on a summer morning with a breeze? 

A side shot of yogurt and peaches with a spoon.
To Start, You Need Yogurt and Peaches.

What Is the Greek Momo?

The ‘Greek momo’ (그릭모모) is a breakfast item made by removing the pit of a peach and replacing it with greek yogurt in the center. Then, you freeze the peach before placing it on top of a bed of granola. Often, people then top the granola and peach with honey or maple syrup. 

While the ‘Greek’ portion of this recipe comes from Greek yogurt, ‘momo’ means ‘peach’ in Japanese. 

Like I stated above, this beautiful breakfast item started trending in 2018 when cafes started making and selling them. Since then, this menu has become very popular among Korean and Japanese people as they post their ‘home cafe’ shots and videos on Instagram and Tiktok. You can easily find these Instagram posts under the hashtag #그릭모모. 

An overhead shot of all the Greek momo supplies.
Here, We Have All the Ingredients You Need: Peaches, Yogurt, Granola, Mint, and Honey. You Can Also Use Maple Syrup!

Greek Momo Tips & Tricks:

Below we list some tips and tricks for making this Greek momo recipe. We hope it helps! 

A side shot of supplies to make this peach treat!
Once Again, All the Supplies You Need.
  • If you want to eat the skin, wash your fruit with a bit of baking soda and water. This helps remove some of the pesticides that may be present. Also, the fruit has had plenty of people touch it during the picking, transporting, and selling process. If you decide to remove the peel, you need to wait until after you remove the pit and fill it with yogurt.
  • To remove the pit, slice off the top of the peach. Then, using a paring knife, cut into the fruit around the pit. You can use a spoon or tongs to remove the pit.
  • Next, fill the peach with your yogurt. 
A side shot of a peach filled with yogurt.
Fill the Peach With Greek Yogurt! You Can Use Plain or Vanilla.
  • Using a paring knife, remove the peach skin if you do not want to eat it. You need to remove it at this point for a few reasons. First, you cannot remove it before you remove the pit. If you do, the peach will fall apart during the peach removal process. Second, you cannot do it right after removing the pit. At this point, there is a large hole in the center of the peach. The hole causes the structure of the peach to be weak. You can accidentally break it during the peeling process. Place the yogurt into the peach. Then, you can easily peel it while holding the peach hole-up! 
  • Then, wrap the peach in plastic wrap and place it in the freezer for one-to-two hours. This hardens the peach and yogurt. 
  • Finally, place the peach upside down over granola. You can top the peach with honey, maple syrup, and/or fresh mint! 

We hope you enjoy making this recipe. I enjoy using vanilla Greek yogurt and honey when making Greek momo. Also, I prefer using chocolate granola! 

A close up shot of a Greek momo treat.
A Peeled Greek Momo Treat.

Korean ‘Greek Momo’ Frequently Asked Questions:

Below, we listed some questions you may have about this Korean ‘Greek momo’ recipe. If we do not answer your question below, feel free to leave a comment or email us at [email protected]!

What Type of Yogurt Should I Use?

To make this recipe, you should use Greek yogurt, hence where the name ‘Greek momo ’ comes from! 

Some people prefer plain Greek yogurt. I enjoy making this recipe using vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt. 

A side shot of a Greek momo sliced in half.
You Can Use a Peeled Peach or Unpeeled Peach. Both Are Photographed!

Is this Recipe Free of Major Allergens? (Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Etc.)

For the most part, this recipe is free of major allergens. It does not contain gluten, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, fish, or shellfish. That being said, for those who need to avoid dairy, it does contain yogurt. 

If you are lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy, feel free to replace the yogurt with a dairy-free option! These days, you can find different yogurts made from ingredients like coconut or oat! 

If you need to avoid gluten, make sure to buy gluten-free granola when shopping. Always check the packaging because oats sometimes contain gluten. 

Can I Make This in Advance?

Yes! You can easily make this a few hours in advance. Actually, you will need to freeze this recipe anyway! 

Once you cut out the center of the peach, fill it with yogurt, and peel it, you need to wrap it in plastic wrap. Then, you place the peach in the freezer for an hour or two. If you need to make it in advance, you can leave it in the freezer longer! 

A side shot of the peach cut in half. The yogurt is in the center.
Isn’t This Breakfast/Bunch Treat Beautiful? It Is Yummy Too!

What Should I Do With the Leftovers?

If you have leftovers, place the peach and yogurt into an airtight container. Then, place it in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, granola becomes soggy if you place it in the refrigerator. 

If you do not like soggy granola and have leftovers that are covered in yogurt, you may need to throw it away. At least you can save the peaches and yogurt! If you do not mind the soggy texture, you can place it in the container with the peach and yogurt. 

We Hope You Enjoyed Learning About This Korean ‘Greek Momo’ Breakfast Trend!

In the end, we hope you enjoyed learning about this Greek momo breakfast trend. If so, let us know in the comment section below. We would also love to hear about your favorite peach recipes!

If you would like to read more about cooking, you can find further recipes on our blog. We listed some of our favorite Carving A Journey peach recipes below! For reference, many recipes are influenced by our blended Korean and Southern heritage. 

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A close-up shot of the greek momo.
A Close-Up View of the Greek Momo.

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Korean Breakfast Trend: Greek Momo Recipe

Recipe by Emily
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Prep time


Cooking time




  • 2 Peaches

  • Greek Yogurt (Enough to Fill the Peaches), Plain or Vanilla

  • 1 Cup Granola, Your Preferred Flavor

  • Honey or Maple Syrup, to Drizzle

  • Optional: Mint Garnish


  • First, start by washing your peach with baking soda if you are going to eat the peel. Then, cut off the top of the peach with a paring knife. Using the paring knife, cut around the pit. Remove the pit using either a spoon, scissors, or tongs by carefully twisting the pit out.
  • Stuff the peach with plain or vanilla Greek yogurt. Then, if you do not want to eat the peel, remove it with a paring knife.*
  • Wrap the peach with plastic wrap and place it in the freezer for 1-2 hours. This hardens the peach and yogurt. Repeat for the second peach.
  • To serve, place the 1/2 cup granola on each of the two plates. Then, place the peach on the granola. The side with the hole needs to face down. Place the optional mint garnish on top of the peach and serve with honey or maple syrup on the side. You can drizzle honey or maple syrup on top of the peach. Serve and enjoy!


  • *I recommend peeling the peach after filling it with Greek yogurt. The yogurt helps keep the structure of the peach after you remove the pit. This makes it easier to peel! All the Korean food bloggers and Youtubers remove the peel after filling the peach.

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