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Korean Soju Cocktail Recipes to Enjoy

by Emily
A photograph of a soju bottle next to a lime and a shot glass filled with soju.

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Looking for the perfect cocktail to make for a special occasion or just for fun? If so, look no further! In this article, I list some of our best Korean soju cocktail recipes! Learn all about soju below. Then, look through the recipes to see if one looks yummy to you! 

What Is Soju?

Before I list all of the Korean soju cocktail recipes on the blog, let me talk a bit about soju. For those unfamiliar with this alcoholic, soju is a clear, colorless, and almost neutral-flavored spirit from Korea. As Korea’s “national drink,” soju is absolutely THE most popular alcohol amongst the Korean population, whether it be the younger generation or older. For those interested in Korean pop culture, you will probably recognize its iconic green glass bottle from watching Korean dramas or eating out at restaurants!!

Currently, in South Korea, it costs around $1.50 per 12-oz bottle, making it affordable enough to drink on every possible occasion. For Korean people, soju is so much more than just a drink–it is an inseparable aspect of Korean social culture. According to Chosun Business News, South Koreans consumed more than 3.6 billion bottles in 2020. They drink so much soju, that this relatively regional drink is undeniably one of the most sold spirits in the world–Jinro, the most popular soju maker in Korea, sold more than 86 million cases worldwide in 2019. According to The Spirits Business, the massive amount of soju sales made Jinro the best-selling spirit brand in the world.

While typically consumed as a shot, people also make cocktails with this neutral-flavored liquor. Below, I list all the soju cocktail recipes I have published to date on the blog. If you have any favorite recipes, let me know and I will try them out!

Korean Soju Cocktail Recipes

Soju Lemonade Cocktail

Soju cocktail recipe of soju lemonade. A photo of lemonade soju cocktail on a window sill with lemons surrounding a glass. Mint sits in the glass next to a bottle of soju.

As the name suggests, you make this cocktail by combining Korean soju with fresh-squeezed, homemade (or store-bought) lemonade. For well-versed cocktail lovers out there, you may notice that you make this recipe exactly how you would for the similarly delicious vodka lemonade. Just use soju instead of vodka! While both clear liquids mingle well with the lemonade, the soju (20% ABV) version will have a bit less alcohol than the vodka (40% ABV).

This recipe is light and refreshing, making it the ultimate beverage for the spring and summer when you are hot and sticky. I recommend enjoying this drink while socializing on your porch or barbecuing!

Strawberry Soju Cocktail

A photo of soju strawberry cocktail in a highball glass. Mint sticks out of the top of the glass. The glass is filled with sliced strawberries as well. A green bottle of soju sits in the background.

My strawberry soju cocktail recipe is the perfect light, refreshing beverage for the warm spring and hot summer. To make this drink, I use the strawberry simple syrup I previously introduced on my website. This simple syrup can be used for countless dessert and drink recipes, including this one! 

In a tall glass, combine fresh strawberries with strawberry simple syrup, soju, lime juice, and bubbly club soda. All you need to do is give your drink a quick stir, top it with ice, and add a sprig of fresh mint. I recommend making this pretty drink for Valentine’s Day!

Yakult Soju Cocktail

Yakult soju cocktail on a pink plate. It sits next to a green plant, a shaker, and a Yakult drink.

In South Korea, people make this Yakult soju cocktail using the well-loved childhood sweet drink known as ‘Yakult.’ From there, they add soju and Sprite. In the end, the drink tastes citrusy, light, and refreshing. Honestly, it is a bit dangerous because you cannot taste the alcohol! 

If you like this recipe, learn how to make my Yakult soju popsicles as well! These boozy popsicles are the best on a super hot summer day! 

Somaek (Korean Soju and Beer Cocktail)

Somaek, Beer, and Soju Lined Up

Somaek (소맥) refers to a popular cocktail made by mixing soju and beer. The word is a syllabic abbreviation of the words ‘soju’ (소주) and ‘maekju’ (맥주). This cocktail has become one of the most popular drinks in South Korea with an entire drinking culture built around it. In this cocktail article, you can learn how to make a good somaek cocktail as well as the cultural aspects of this popular drink.

Soju Caipirinha

Soju Cocktail Recipe: Soju Caipirinha. The cocktail sits on a yellow wooden tray. Limes sit next to the cocktail with a bottle of soju and a shaker in the background.

The caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil. While the origin of the caipirinha cocktail is currently unknown, there are some speculations on how it was invented. For this recipe, I made a Korean-Brazilian fusion cocktail replacing the traditional cachaça (a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice) with Korean soju. Learn how to make it in my recipe article! 

Soju and Tonic

Soju Cocktail: Soju and Tonic. This cocktail sits on a woven mat and sliced limes. A bottle of soju sits in the background.

Soju and tonic is an extremely forgiving and basic beginner’s cocktail. Needing only three ingredients, it takes no time to make. New to cocktail-making without the right tools to shake and measure all the ingredients? Not a problem at all! Because of soju’s relatively mild flavor, making soju and tonic is not an exact science. Do not hesitate to experiment a little bit, either–after making my soju and tonic recipe, try changing the ratio and ingredients to see what you like!

In the end, add a little lime to make it perfectly refreshing. Honestly, I especially love this after working in the garden all day!!

Melona Soju Cocktail

A side shot of Korean Melon soju cocktails. There is a green cocktail and a orange cocktail. Soju sits in the background.

‘Melona’ (메로나)  is a Korean fruit-flavored ice cream bar first introduced by the Binggrae company in 1992. Nowadays, the same kids who grew up eating those yummy ice cream bars are adults, and they are mixing the ice cream with soju. This Korean cocktail tastes sweet, fruit, and creamy. The fruity flavor changes depending on the flavor of the ice cream you use! It tastes similar to some candies such as Starburst! Honestly, adults are just big kids who love nostalgia!

I Hope You Enjoyed Making Some of These Soju Recipes!!

In the end, I hope you enjoyed learning how to make some of these quick and easy soju cocktail recipes! If so, let me know in the comment section!

If you would like to read more about cooking, you can find further recipes on this blog. I listed some of my favorite Carving A Journey recipes below! For reference, many recipes are influenced by my family’s blended Korean and Southern heritage.

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