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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

by Emily
2022 Foodie Gift Guide

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Every year, in November or December, I list my favorite ‘foodie’ items for those on the hunt for last-minute gift ideas. This year is no exception! Below, I list my favorite items I use throughout the year in my own kitchen. Let me know if you buy these as a gift or use them in your home as well! I hope you enjoy this 2022 holiday gift guide!

Carving A Journey 2022 Foodie Gift Guide: 

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1. Korean American by Eric Kim

This cookbook, by Eric Kim, gives homage to the Korean American story with recipes that explore not only his heritage but also where he was raised. If you are interested in Korean, Korean fusion, or Southern cooking, this cookbook contains all three and is for you! 

For me, as someone raised in the South and married to a Korean national, this cookbook is a must-have item. It links both of our household cultures wonderfully!

Some of my favorite Korean cookbooks I use, especially during the 2022 holiday season. These books are stacked on top of one another on a shelf.
Some of My Favorite Korean Cookbooks!

2. Tofu Press

This past year, my husband and I invested in a tofu press. I highly recommend buying one if you ever eat tofu. 

A tofu press is a kitchen gadget used to compress the water out of a block of tofu. By pressing the water out of the tofu, it becomes easier to cook with this ingredient when baking or frying. Not only will the tofu get crispier, but it also holds its shape better! 

3. Japanese Omelet Pan

I love making rolled eggs for any meal of the day. In Japan, people refer to rolled egg omelets as tamagoyaki. In South Korea, they refer to these eggs as gyeran-mari. 

While you can make this dish using a regular pan, it is much easier with a proper square-shaped pan. While you can buy pans with a non-stick coating, we prefer to not use anything with the coating in our household. 

Note: If you buy the egg pan I recommend, you need to oil it well before use. This keeps the egg from sticking. 

4. Soju Glasses

If you enjoy drinking the famous Korean alcohol known as soju, I recommend buying Korean soju glasses. While they look similar to regular shot glasses, soju glasses are actually larger.

To learn more about soju, you can check out my soju cocktail recipes on my blog!

Soju next to a lime and soju glass.

5. Fellow Stagg Water Kettle

I already recommended this item in 2020, but I feel the need to recommend it again! I use this kettle every day when making coffee and tea.

This Fellow Stagg kettle with a gooseneck spout is perfect for those who enjoy making pour-over coffee. Not only can you set the machine to Celsius or Fahrenheit, but you can also set it to hold a temperature. 

We own the black Fellow Stagg Kettle. You can choose from many different colors! 

Happy Holidays Y’all!

In the end, I hope this list helps you with your last-minute 2022 holiday shopping! If so, let me know in the comment section.  

If you would like to read more about cooking, you can find recipes as well as further Korean ingredient articles on my blog. I listed some of our favorite Carving A Journey holiday recipes below! For reference, many recipes are influenced by my family’s blended Korean and Southern heritage.

Carving A Journey Holiday Recipes:

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