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The starting process of making nuruk. Three different ground grains in bowls.

Nuruk (Korean Traditional Starter Culture)

Nuruk, otherwise known as a starter culture or fermentation starter, is a Korean ingredient used to make a variety of traditional alcohols drunk for centuries on the Korean peninsula. Historians believe this ingredient dates back to the Three Kingdoms Period (3rd century CE). When making soju or makgeolli, people in Korea start with an ingredient called ‘nuruk.’ This traditional Korean culture starter helps get the process of making alcohol started! Here, we will learn about nuruk and how it is made! 

An overhead shot of Yakult soju popsicles on a pink plate. The plate sits next to a bottle of Yakult

Yakult Soju Popsicle Recipe

Recently, on Carving A Journey, I published a recipe for the popular Korean Yakult soju cocktail. While delicious as a cooling spring and summer cocktail, you can also transform it into the perfect boozy popsicle! This popsicle has a light and refreshing milky citrus flavor. The Yakult gives the popsicle a slightly sweet and fruity taste, while the Sprite adds the extra sweetness needed in the popsicle. Then, the final flavor is the boozy soju! Why drink a cocktail if you can eat it as a popsicle instead?!

Yakult soju cocktail on a pink plate. It sits next to a green plant, a shaker, and a Yakult drink.

Yakult Soju Cocktail Recipe

Every few months, I publish a soju cocktail recipe. This time, I am publishing a recipe for the popular Yakult soju cocktail! In South Korea, people make this cocktail using a well-loved childhood sweet drink known as ‘Yakult.’ From there, they add soju and Sprite. In the end, the drink tastes citrusy, light, and refreshing. Honestly, it is a bit dangerous because you cannot taste the alcohol! 

Somaek, Beer, and Soju Lined Up

Somaek (Korean Soju and Beer Cocktail)

In South Korea, the two most popular alcoholic drinks are undoubtedly soju and beer. While some people choose to drink copious bottles of beer or shots of soju, others mix the two into a smooth cocktail known as ‘somaek.’ Here, we will take a deep dive into how to make good somaek. Then, we will learn about some somaek food pairings, as well as Korean drinking culture tips.

Soju vs Sake poster with a soju glass

Soju vs Sake: What Is the Difference?

As the world seems to get smaller and smaller because of social media and modern travel, different ethnic and cultural foods have become more popular and readily available for people to try. But, as the world of food and drink expands, sometimes people confuse similar foods from two cultures by […]