Korean Recipes

Korean Dandelion Salad on a wicker placemat. Kimchi and Korean spinach salad sits behind.

Korean Dandelion Greens Side Dish

Have you ever eaten dandelion greens? In the United States, as well as other western countries, when thinking of dandelions, people either picture blowing on the seedheads to make wishes or annoying yard weeds ruining their perfect lawns. People rarely think of salads when someone mentions this plant! Here, we will teach you how to make ‘mindeulle namul muchim,’ a Korean dandelion greens side dish. This side dish tastes slightly bitter and earthy as well as a bit sweet and spicy! We hope you enjoy it!

Korean spinach side dish on a wicker mat. Kimchi sits in the background.

Korean Spinach Side Dish (Sigeumchi Namul)

In South Korea, one of the most popular side dishes is the bright green sigeumchi namul. People serve this healthy Korean spinach side dish at home for everyday meals, when gathering with family for holidays, and in restaurants. Often, you will rarely see a table without this traditional dish!

Black Sesame Latte on a mat next to flowers

Korean Black Sesame Latte Recipe (Heukimja Latte)

In South Korea, people often enjoy beautiful specialty drinks at home and in cafes. If you also enjoy making specialty drinks at home, try making this Korean black sesame latte! In Korean, this drink is known as a ‘heukimja latte’ (흑임자라떼). This particular coffee drink combines the nutty flavor of sesame with deliciously bitter espresso.

An overhead shot of miyeok namul in a gray stone bowl.

Korean Seaweed Salad Recipe (Miyeok Namul)

While I enjoy heavy and rich foods, I usually crave something light and refreshing during the warmer months of the year. This Korean seaweed salad recipe, known as miyeok namul, is the perfect side dish for those craving something that tastes fresh. Quick and easy to make, this healthy side dish gives strong flavors of the sea as well as a slightly nutty note from sesame oil.