Korean Rice Paper Tteokbokki

Korean Rice Paper Tteokbokki Recipe

Of late, have you seen the new rice paper tteokbokki hack? Recently, during the spring and summer of 2021, this recipe idea started trending in South Korea. Instead of using the typical tteok (Korean rice cakes) in the tteokbokki, people are replacing it with rolled rice paper.

Korean Fish Pancake With Salad

Korean Fish Pancake (Korean Saengseon Jeon)

In Korea, during the hot summer monsoon season, people begin to crave makgeolli and jeon. Makgeolli refers to a type of Korean rice wine and jeon refers to a type of Korean fritter. As a nation, Koreans believe makgeolli and jeon are the perfect rainy weather food. As such, sales skyrocket when the monsoon season comes around in late June. People line up to eat at famous jeon restaurants until the monsoon season ends in August. One of my favorite types of jeon to eat during the summer months is saengseon jeon!

A plate of summer peach Caprese salad

Summer Peach Caprese Salad Recipe

Peach season is in full swing! This summer, let’s all make some delicious, juicy meals out of our favorite peach recipes! In my family, we love a simple summer salad–after all, salads are not too heavy on the stomach and tend to contain fresh seasonal ingredients. As a huge fan of peaches, one of my favorite recipes to make during the summer is a peach Caprese salad. Light, juicy, and refreshing, this salad is the perfect side to anything you cook on the grill.

Korean Sweet Potatoes on a cutting board.

How to Perfectly Bake a Korean Sweet Potato

Have you ever tried cooking with Korean sweet potatoes? If not, you are missing out! Not only is a Korean sweet potato jam-packed full of healthy nutrients, but it also tastes extremely delicious. This recipe is incredibly simple and basic. So, besides teaching you how to bake these potatoes, we wanted to share facts and recommendations on how people in Korea cook with them!

Tuna Kimbap with Kimchi

Tuna Kimbap Recipe (Chamchi Kimbap)

With the temperatures rising, why not make a classic Korean picnic food? In South Korea, kimbap is a quick, convenient, and cheap food you can easily find. Not only does kimbap taste great, but it also contains lots of vegetables, protein, and carbs. So, what better food to eat when on the go or out for a picnic? This particular kimbap recipe is known as chamchi kimbap. In English, this translates to tuna kimbap!