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Korean Fruit

Korean Fruit: A Beginners Guide to Korean Fruits

In South Korea, popular fruits from around the globe, such as oranges, strawberries, and bananas, are commonly available. Unfortunately, many native fruits to South Korea are not as easy to find in other countries and continents. Below, I listed some popular types of Korean fruit to look out for. On one hand, you may find these in your local grocery or Asian market. If so, definitely make sure to try them! On the other hand, some of these fruits may only be available if and when you travel to South Korea or other East Asian countries!

Korean Teas

Korean Tea: A Guide to Korean Teas

Are you a fan of tea? Across the globe, tea is notably the second most widely consumed drink after water. This love of tea is no exception in South Korea. You will find that tea is an incredibly important part of their cultural identity. When traveling to South Korea, you will find countless types of teas available on the market. While some are common and available across the globe, others are very unique–you may have never heard of or tried them. So, here, we will list 10 popular Korean teas to try at home!