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A plate of Korean pa muchim

Pa Muchim Recipe (Korean Green Onion Salad)

Have you ever eaten at a Korean barbecue restaurant? When you eat Korean barbecue, they often serve different types of banchan along with the grilled meat. In Korea, banchan refers to a plethora of side dishes served with the main dish of the meal. Often, these restaurants pair the side dishes with the main dish they they are serving. Pa muchim is an incredibly popular side dish served at barbecue joints. Many people believe it pairs perfectly with grilled meat and lettuce wraps.

5 Korean Geotjeori Recipes Header Image

5 Easy Geotjeori Recipes: Emily Recommends (XIV)

In late fall, Korean families gather together to make large batches of kimchi, which is then fermented and eaten throughout the year. As it ages, kimchi’s taste becomes sour. Once the large batch ages into ‘old kimchi,’ families use it to make dishes like kimchi fried rice and kimchi jjigae, […]

Romaine Sangchu Geotjeori: Korean Lettuce Salad

Korean Lettuce Salad (Romaine Sangchu Geotjeori)

Korean romaine lettuce salad, otherwise known as romaine sangchu geotjeori in Korean, is an extremely quick and easy side dish to eat with your home-cooked Korean meal! The salad tastes a little bit sweet from the honey, smoky from the sesame oil, and spicy from the gochugaru.  In January, while […]