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What Is Korean Chuseok? (Korean Thanksgiving)

Around this time every year, people in South Korea prepare to celebrate an important cultural holiday known as Chuseok. While businesses, government offices, and schools close down for the National Holiday, the roads, trains, and buses become congested with people heading home to spend time with their families. Here, we will discuss Chuseok–First, we will learn about the holiday. Then, we will discuss when people in Korea celebrate Chuseok as well as how to say the proper Chuseok greetings. 

Salmon Loaf Casserole

Salmon Loaf Casserole (Grandmother’s Recipe)

When scouring the internet for cold-weather recipes similar to some of our family classics, I could not find anything like my grandmother’s salmon loaf casserole. Though there are “salmon loaf” recipes on the internet, the integral ingredients to my family’s recipe are quite different.  Every year, around this time, I […]

Halloween Face Mask

Halloween Face Mask Ideas for 2020

With Halloween rapidly approaching, we need to start thinking of how to incorporate our face masks into our costumes. Unlike other years, this Halloween requires EVERYONE to be in a mask. Talk about a world-wide masquerade event, right?! Are you prepared with a Halloween face mask? Let’s be honest, no […]

Garlic and Rosemary Butternut Squash Soup

Garlic and Rosemary Butternut Squash Soup

It is soup season! Try our creamy, garlic and rosemary butternut squash soup. It will warm and fill your tummy during the cold months! Last week, we settled into fall… We turned off our AC and put away our summer clothes. Our puppy discovered the comfort of snuggling into blankets. […]

Condemned Building Halloween Decorations

Condemned Building Halloween Decorations

More than ever, we need a little bit of fun in our lives. Though trick-or-treating and Halloween parties may be postponed or completely scrapped this year (happy 2020 y’all), we can still enjoy the season with treats and decorations.  Last year, we decorated our porch window with spooky and haunting […]