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Halloween Face Mask Ideas for 2020

by Emily
Halloween Face Mask

With Halloween rapidly approaching, we need to start thinking of how to incorporate our face masks into our costumes. Unlike other years, this Halloween requires EVERYONE to be in a mask. Talk about a world-wide masquerade event, right?! Are you prepared with a Halloween face mask?

Let’s be honest, no one likes to wear a mask. We get it! They do nothing for your outfit and cause your skin to break out. But the truth is, masks are 100% needed and necessary to help end the spread of the virus. So, if we need to wear masks, why not have some fun with them this Halloween? 

Whether you want to shop online to find your perfect COVID Halloween mask or get crafty to design your own, incorporating your mask into your costume will bring some fun into a not-so-fun situation. 

Let’s Get Spooky with Our Halloween Face Mask, Y’all!

Let me tell you a little story.

While gearing up for the end of this month and Halloween, we headed down to Tennessee to spend time with our parents for my father’s birthday. We knew it was going to be a bit crazy. Currently, my parents’ house is under construction and my sister is starting a new job next week. So, over the weekend, we planned to help out around the house, celebrate my father’s birthday, and help my sister move to Nashville. 

What we didn’t expect was a house fire. A construction issue caused a fire in the middle of the night. With quick thinking on my parents’ part, the house only ended up with smoke damage. Other than that, my parents and their pets are fine. 

Extremely fatigued, we added cleaning up from the fire to the list. 

So, by the time we started making our masks for my blog, we were giggling deliriously. 2020 has truly been crazy for the whole world. Put COVID, the upcoming election, a birthday, construction, law school, a move, alcohol, and a fire into the mix, and you have a hysterically tired and funny group of adults making child-like masks.

We took a horrible situation and ended up having fun. We didn’t try to make perfect masks; we just had fun making them together as a family. Having fun together is what this blog post is all about!

Halloween Face Mask: A witch's face!
Halloween Witch’s Face Mask

DIY Halloween Face Mask

Pull out your hot glue gun or sewing machine if you want to make your own COVID Halloween mask! What better way to have fun with your kids, right?!

When making your masks, work with a color palette to match your costume. Build your mask from there. 

Paper Masks

Personally, I prefer to decorate paper masks because I have limited sewing skills. On the other hand, I have excellent marker skills. 

When decorating you paper or fabric mask, we recommend using:

  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Tissue Paper
  • Hot Glue Guns
  • Paint
  • Needle and Thread
  • Markers; and
  • Glitter

Note One: When decorating your masks, make sure to let them sit for a while before you or your children wear them. You do not want to breathe in marker, paint, or glue fumes!

Note Two: When throwing away your paper masks, please cut the ear loops in half. Recently, there have been reports of wild animals becoming tangled and suffocating in the masks. Cutting the ear loops help to keep animals safe!

Fabric Masks 

These days, there are so many mask patterns on the internet. If you are up for the challenge, you can sew your own! 

Or, if that is a little daunting, buy a simple and cheap mask. Simply add your design on top! Make your design special with beading, sequins, pompoms, and more! Go all out! 

Or Buy Your Halloween Face Mask 

If you are not crafty, that is okay! Thankfully, there are so many small businesses focusing on making the cutest masks for the Halloween season. Buying masks online is a great way to be creative with your masks while also supporting small businesses struggling during this time. 

Etsy is a great resource to help support small businesses and independent sellers. There are masks to fit Star Wars, pumpkin, witch costumes, and more. You can even find glow-in-the-dark masks for this season!

If you are looking to buy a mask more cheaply, I recommend looking for something with a simple pattern in larger stores such as Amazon, Target, or Walmart.  

Don’t let the fun end with Halloween. Go beyond this holiday when buying masks. Get festive and change your mask with the season. For Thanksgiving, look for beautiful masks covered in a fall leaf or colorful mum patterns.

Are You Dressing Up for Halloween? Do You Have a Fun Mask to Match Your Costume? 

Even during these crazy times, remember to have fun with your family in your own homes. We loved seeing and spending time with the family even during this wild weekend. Though we cannot celebrate with Halloween parties and trick-or-treating, we can have fun with the new challenges in our lives. 

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Let Us Know If You Decorate Your Costume. 

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