Halloween Witch Silhouette

Quick, Easy, and Low-Budget Halloween Decorations: Window Silhouettes

Hi guys~ It’s Elizabeth, and I’m back for my 2nd post! Since I’m the only one in our family that gets excited about Halloween, I’m the go-to gal for spooky themed DIYs and recipes. My last post was alcohol infused caramel apples inspired by the evil witch from Snow White, but this time I wanted to bring you guys some fun decoration ideas to dress up your home for Halloween. Now, I’m clearly cutting it close by writing this post so close to the 31st (I think most children might have already done their trick-or-treating for Halloween this past Saturday! OOPS!), but this project was quick, easy, and perfect for any decorating procrastinators out there like me. Oh and cheap! Cheap is gooood 😉

Halloween silhouette of werewolf
Halloween silhouette of werewolf

Here’s What You’ll Need for Awesome and Spooky Window Silhouettes:

  1. Pair of scissors
  2. Tape
  3. Black construction paper
  4. Tissue paper in the color of your choice (I chose ivory)
  5. (optional) Dry erase marker

Have you assembled your list? Good, now let’s get started my pupil.

Drawing the Halloween decoration onto tissue paper
Drawing the image onto tissue paper

So, depending on how artistic you (or maybe your kids) are, there are several ways to get your desired effect. I started with one method and finished with another, so let me share what I learned in the process. I wanted to design something of my own, since I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for online. 

The first method I used was to (1) tape together sheets of the black construction paper to cover the whole window, (2) draw the image on the construction paper, (3) cut it out, and (4) tape it to the window. 

This process works fine for smaller details, but for any large or multi-paned windows it is a wasteful and less precise method. The first window I started on was the werewolf. As you can see in the pictures, it’s at a lifelike scale across multiple window panes. I only used this first method for the head of the werewolf, and quickly discovered how much construction paper I was cutting away and wasting. I was also stumped by the prospect of getting all of his body parts to scale and properly aligned across the different panes. Thus, I got out my handy-dandy dry erase marker and tried another method.

Halloween Decoration-Witch partially completed
Witch partially completed

My second method involved (1) drawing the form directly on the window with my dry erase marker, (2) tracing over the marker onto a tissue paper pattern, (3) cutting out the shape using construction paper, and (4) taping it to the window. (Oh, and don’t forget to wipe off the dry erase marker!)

Using this method, I could see the finished project from the get-go instead of working from pane to pane. I stuck with this process to complete both windows. 

When you’re done taping up all of the black construction paper, go over the window with the tissue paper to give it an awesome, soft glow at night (and to keep those pesky trick-or-treaters from peeping in your window)! Voila you’re done!


HELPFUL HINTS for Our Halloween Decorations: 

  1. It is much easier to draw on the window and trace your patterns during the day, while the sun provides a natural backlight
  2. While it’s ok to overlap the construction paper to prevent any light from peeping through the cracks, try NOT to overlap your tissue paper. Overlapping the tissue will cause patchy areas. Try to avoid this, unless it’s your desired effect
  3. If you are someone who only sees the light of day through glass and never ventures outside, I would be picky about what windows in your house you cover. We’ve had these decorations up on the only two windows in our living room all month, and we’re feeling very shut in. It feels a bit like we’re cast members in ‘Bird Box.’

Now for those that feel they aren’t artistic enough to draw your own spooky monsters, there is an additional method: (1) find an image online that you would like to replicate, (2) print it out at the scale you desire (This might take several tries. Increasing the scale will cause the image to print on multiple sheets of paper that you reconstruct after printing. I recommend reducing the size of your margins), (3) cut out your monster in construction paper, (4) tape to the window, and (5) cover with tissue. 

Now all of you can try these methods at home for as little as $13 (spooky number! OoooOOOOh!)  

Let us know about your favorite Halloween decorations, and leave a comment below. You can also see what else we have planned this season with our Fall Bucket List!

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silhouettes in our apartment windows
Halloween silhouettes in our apartment windows


  1. Pie Pie Slagel

    I love your Halloween decorations!! Very creative!!

  2. Katherine Slagel

    Great post Silent Partner…I like the movie reference! I like the craft evolution…xoxo

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