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2020 Halloween Desserts Guide: Emily Recommends (IV)

by Emily
2020 Halloween Desserts

On our “Emily Recommends” series, we introduce our recommended cooking techniques, tricks, writers, bloggers, YouTubers, ingredients, and more every Thursday! Last week, we introduced our 2020 Guide to Our 5 Favorite DIY Halloween Porch Decorations. This week, we decided to introduce our 2020 Guide to Halloween Desserts! 

The countdown to Halloween continues… As of today, we have 16 days to go! Though it seems as if we cannot have any fun in 2020 because of COVID (trick-or-treating unfortunately should wait until next year), we can still create the magic of fun within our own homes. 

One way of doing so is by making lots and lots of Halloween desserts. After all, we won’t be getting candy from our neighbors this year. Adults and kids still need a sugar rush, so why not try making some treats at home? 

Below Are Our Favorite Adult and Children’s 2020 Halloween Desserts to Make at Home: 

Try these delicious desserts for the 2020 Halloween season. We have two options for adults and three that are child-friendly. Let us know if you try any of these 2020 Halloween dessert ideas!

1. Drunken Candy Apples (Alcohol-Infused Apples)

For those 21 or over, why not try making your alcohol a little more fun and interesting during this Halloween season? Imagine your favorite candy apple: the perfect combination of the sweet, chewy caramel and the crunch of the apple. Now, add a little bit of cider and brandy into that imaginary apple. Doesn’t it make it better?

2020 Halloween Desserts: Drunken Candy Apples
Photo Credit: Carving A Journey
Drunken Candy Apples

Thankfully, the alcohol does not overpower the sweet caramel and crunchy apple. Instead, the brandy and cider add a hint of flavor that enhances the other flavors. Just don’t eat too many! Not only will you have a sugar high, you will get a little tipsy eating these delicious treats. 

We based this recipe on the poison apple in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

2. Harvest Puppy Chow 

Do you have a favorite childhood Halloween movie? Is it The Haunted Mansion or Double Double Toil and Trouble? How about The Corpse Bride, Hocus Pocus, or Casper? This year, when curling up to reminisce about your childhood or to watch with your kids, skip the popcorn. Instead, try making harvest puppy chow. We love Katie’s version from the blog “Made to Be A Momma.” The candy corn, chocolate, and other ingredients will add to your “Halloween feels” as you stay home and watch movies this year.

2020 Halloween Desserts: Harvest Puppy Chow
Photo Credit: Made to Be A Momma
Harvest Puppy Chow

Also, if you hate candy corn (apparently the candy corn argument erupts every year on twitter?), just skip adding it into your puppy chow. Katie’s recipe is yummy with or without it! 

3. Halloween Tempered Chocolate Treats and Decorations 

We all need some kid-friendly DIY Halloween dessert ideas this year. Even without trick-or-treating, we can make magical fun for the kids. Why not dress up in silly Halloween costumes, making your house a little spooky with home-made ghosts/ghouls, and decorate some treats? 

2020 Halloween Desserts: Tempered Chocolate Treats
Photo Credit: Carving A Journey
Halloween Tempered Chocolate Treats

In our Halloween tempered chocolate treats & desserts post, we included traceable stencils for you to use! Our stencils include bats, monster eyes, and spider webs. Soon, your desserts will become spooky with these tempered chocolate decorations!

4. Ghost Pretzels

If you are looking for an easy but delicious Halloween dessert, jump over to Amber’s blog “Dessert Now Dinner Later.” A few years ago she wrote a post about ghost pretzels. Complicated does not always mean better, which is made even more apparent with this simple and cute dessert. The ghost pretzels look as though they have a shocked expression on their face. Cute, right?!

2020 Halloween Desserts: Ghost Pretzels
Photo Credit: Dessert Now Dinner Later
Ghost Pretzels

Kids will love grabbing a handful of these little cuties to eat as they twirl around in their Halloween costumes. Also, if you want to make your kid’s costume this year, check out Country Living’s list for DIY costume projects!

5. Halloween Eyeballs: Giant Edible Cow Eyeball Recipe

Now, if the last recipe is super simple and easy, this recipe is a bit complicated! Marissa, from the blog “Squirrels of a Feather,” created these super cool but creepy edible eyes. Though these treats taste like coconut pudding, they look like an eye of a cow staring back at you. 

Edible Cow Eyeball
Photo Credit: Squirrels of a Feather
Halloween Eyeballs: Giant Edible Cow Eyeball Recipe

Hey, and for all the adults out there, she also has an alcoholic version of these creepy cow eyes. Bottoms up! 

How Will You Be Celebrating Halloween This Year?

Enjoy being home for Halloween this year. Try something new. Without the trick-or-treating and the parties, you can have fun dancing around your apartment, watching scary movies for the thrill, decorating just for yourself because you like it, and wearing a costume you always wanted to wear but never had the nerve to try in public. Make the most of this crazy time! Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Let Us Know if You Make Any of Our Favorite 2020 Halloween Desserts On Our List!

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