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Kim bugak in a wooden bowl.

Korean Fried Seaweed Snack (Kim Bugak 김부각)

Have you heard of temple food? In South Korea, temple cuisine refers to a type of culinary culture that originated in Buddhist temples. A popular type of fried seaweed snack, known as kim bugak (김부각), started out as a Buddhist temple food. Nowadays, people often eat these fried seaweed chips as a quick bite, banchan (side dish), or anju (drinking snack). 

Korean Rice Paper Tteokbokki

Korean Rice Paper Tteokbokki Recipe

Of late, have you seen the new rice paper tteokbokki hack? Recently, during the spring and summer of 2021, this recipe idea started trending in South Korea. Instead of using the typical tteok (Korean rice cakes) in the tteokbokki, people are replacing it with rolled rice paper.

Cheese Kimbap Recipe

Cheese Kimbap (Korean Kimbap Recipe)

Do you love kimchi fried rice? What about cheese? If so, try making our cheese kimbap recipe! Kimbap is a popular Korean snack and picnic food. Our recipe gives a fun ‘cheesy’ twist to the classic version that uses white rice with different fillings. Instead of using white rice, our […]

Best Korean Snacks

10 Best Korean Snacks to Buy or Make at Home!

South Korea is a snack junkie’s heaven–they take their snacks very seriously. In South Korea, you can find snacks for every type of person. Do you like savory and fishy food? Korea has a snack for you. Do you like sweet flavored milk? Korea has that too. What about something […]