Side Dishes

Tuna Kimbap with Kimchi

Tuna Kimbap Recipe (Chamchi Kimbap)

With the temperatures rising, why not make a classic Korean picnic food? In South Korea, kimbap is a quick, convenient, and cheap food you can easily find. Not only does kimbap taste great, but it also contains lots of vegetables, protein, and carbs. So, what better food to eat when on the go or out for a picnic? This particular kimbap recipe is known as chamchi kimbap. In English, this translates to tuna kimbap!

Tteokkochi Skewers with beer

Tteokkochi Recipe (Korean Rice Cake Skewers)

Tteokkochi is the perfect treat to eat as you wander the streets of Seoul. Not only do you get to taste the classic Korean spicy and sweet flavors, but you can also eat it easily as finger food! Thankfully, this South Korean street treat is incredibly easy to make at home. Soon, you will be adding it to your rotation of fun and unique foods to make throughout the year!

Kimchi deviled eggs

Kimchi Deviled Eggs Recipe (Korean Deviled Eggs)

Growing up in the south, we always shared deviled eggs during major family holidays such as Easter or Christmas. Because these delicious bite-sized treats are a favorite in my family, it was one of the first southern foods I introduced to my husband when we started dating. Coming from South […]

Overhead shot of bibimmyeon

Bibimmyeon (Spicy Korean Cold Noodles)

This summer, try making spicy Korean cold noodles, otherwise known as bibimmyeon, to be the heat! Slightly sweet, savory, and spicy, these cold noodles will leave you feeling refreshed on a hot summer evening! (Gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, vegetarian options included in the frequently asked questions part of the post!) In South […]