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Gluten Free Miso Brands

Gluten-Free Miso Paste Brands

Miso paste is a traditional Japanese condiment made from fermented soybeans and koji. In Japan, miso paste is used in sauces and spreads. Also, it is used when pickling vegetables, braising fish and meat, and making soups and stews. Here, we list some of our favorite gluten-free miso paste brands.

Doenjang vs Miso

Doenjang vs Miso: What Is the Difference?

In both South Korean and Japanese cultures, they have a condiment made from soybeans. On one hand, in South Korea, they have doenjang. On the other hand, in Japan, they have miso. While both products are made from soybeans, are fermented, and are used in cooking, they are incredibly different. Here, we will explore the difference between the two! So, doenjang vs miso: what is the difference?

Wafu Dressing on Salad

Wafu Dressing (Japanese Salad Dressing Recipe)

In Japan, people often eat salad as a side with soup, rice, and a cooked protein for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I actually experienced eating salad every morning during my travels in Japan. When eating salad, people in Japan often use a common type of dressing known as ‘wafu dressing.’

Tofu Katsu on a plate with short-grain rice

Tofu Katsu (Vegetarian Japanese Tofu Cutlet)

As someone with celiac disease, I am acutely aware of people’s dietary needs and restrictions. Whether it’s for religious, health, or ethical reasons, vegetarianism continues to rise in popularity as an alternative to the meat-eating lifestyle. As such, we decided to make a meatless version of one of our favorite Japanese foods, katsu, for our vegetarian friends! So, let’s learn how to make tofu katsu, otherwise known as a vegetarian version of the Japanese steak cutlet!