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Food Charities and Organizations Supporting Communities During COVID-19

by Emily
Food Charities and Organizations

We are taking a break from our normally blissful food topics to give a short list of some food charities and organizations. We are thankful for our health and well-being during this pandemic. On Thanksgiving, we wanted to highlight and bring awareness to some important organizations working to help those going through troubling and difficult times.

If I stopped and asked a random person on the street what they thought about 2020, they would probably say 2020 has been the worst year of their life. I believe this sentiment is truly universal in thought. Whether you live in the USA, South Korea, England, or elsewhere, you, your family, and your friends have probably been affected by the pandemic.

Typically, this is the time of year when people set aside money to donate to different local, national, and/or international charities. I wanted to take time to outline a few national (USA) and international charities focusing in some way on food in communities. After all, food and water are the most basic needs for humans to survive. Let’s help our neighbors if we are able!

Note: Please do not feel pressured into donating. Only donate if you are willing and able. After all, this pandemic has truly touched so many people’s lives. I know it probably touched yours as well. 

1. A Food Charity Dedicated to Helping Restaurant and Health Care Workers

Frontline Foods

During COVID-19, hospital workers are fighting on the front line. They are working to treat patients day and night, often at the detriment of their health and wellness. 

Food Charities: Frontline Foods Logo
Frontline Foods Logo From Their Website

At the same time, restaurants across the nation are struggling to make ends meet. 

Frontline Foods decided to address both issues head-on. Let’s feed the healthcare workers while supporting local, small businesses. Chef José Andrés’s World Central Kitchen stepped in on the operational side by processing the donations. Frontline Foods pays local restaurants to cook and deliver hot meals to the frontline healthcare workers in different communities. So far, at the time of publishing this blog post on Thanksgiving day, Frontline Foods has delivered more than 556,364 meals to hospital workers with over a thousand restaurants supported. Go to their website to donate or volunteer to help. 

Photo Credit: Frontline Foods Website
Frontline Foods Delivering to Medical Staff

2. A Food Charity Dedicated to Feeding Children 

No Kid Hungry

Food charities: No Kid Hungry Logo
No Kid Hungry Logo From Their Twitter

Many have probably heard of No Kid Hungry. This organization focuses on feeding children across the United States. According to No Kid Hungry and the USDA, there are more than 11 million children in the U.S. who live in “food insecure” homes. No Kid Hungry fights to provide children with meals. 

Now, with schools closed or in a hybrid situation during COVID-19, it is even harder to give children the proper food they need. Many of these hungry children rely on school lunches for their meals.

At this time, 1 in 4 children could face hunger because of COVID-19. No Kid Hungry continues to support school districts and local nonprofits to keep meal programs running. They also provide resources and information to families in need. Each donation helps keep food on the table. 

3. A Food and Relief Charity Going into the Front Lines 

World Central Kitchen (WCK)

Chef José Andrés is no stranger to disaster relief. His organization, World Central Kitchen, goes into battered zones, whether man-made or natural disasters, to provide meals for those affected by the disaster. 

Food charities: World Central Kitchen Logo
World Central Kitchen Logo From Twitter

From the beginning, the World Central Kitchen has been fighting to distribute fresh meals to individuals quarantined on cruise ships. Since then, they have expanded into feeding people in cities across the country. 

You can support World Central Kitchen by making a donation or by joining their community of volunteers. 

4. Other Ideas Food Charities

Beyond the three charities and organizations listed above, look into your local food banks and soup kitchens. Each and every volunteer, financial donation, and goods donation can help to put food into someone’s mouth. Before you donate, make sure to check your local food bank and soup kitchen’s website.

NOTE: Their needs differ from others depending on their community and resources! 

Also, check your local city websites and guides to find other charities. 

Happy Thanksgiving and a Message of Support

I know this Thanksgiving, there are many reasons to not feel thankful. And honestly, it’s okay not to feel pressured into feeling thankful. Give yourself a break, don’t guilt yourself to feel something that you are truly not feeling.

Finally, this year, if you find yourself needing help and don’t know where to start looking, please reach out to us via email or direct message on any of our accounts. We can help research and get you in touch with any local food organizations and charities. Here at Carving A Journey, we are thankful to be in a situation where we can help others. 

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, whether you are celebrating at home or with family. As always, remember to stay safe and healthy!

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