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~ Happy New Year ~

by Emily
Happy New Year

Dear Readers, 

We hope you 

Raise a glass and cheer, “Happy New Year to all!” 

Turn to your loved one and give them a kiss.

Bow to your elders and wish them a long and happy life. 

Eat a grape with each chime ringing in the new year.

Carry your empty suitcase of hopes and dreams around the block.

Jump off furniture in celebration, leaping into the new year.

Carry a gift of luck across the threshold of your loved one’s home.

Hang onions on your front door to bring in the new year.

Toss your old belongings out of your windows and doors.

Paint your front door red, bringing luck into your home.

Ring the temple bells, cleansing yourself with each of the 108 strokes.

Sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ surrounded by friends, acquaintances, strangers, and family.

Wherever you may live in the world or whatever traditions you may hold, Happy New Year to you! 

We wish you much love, luck, confidence, and happiness in the coming year. 

See you on the other side! 



These are all New Years traditions from across the globe. In order as listed:

1)World Wide 2)USA and England 3)South Korea 4)Spain 5)Colombia 6)Denmark 7)Scotland 8)Greece 9)South Africa 10)China 11)Japan 12)Great Britain 

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