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A pile of yuzu fruit that is bright yellow and green.
Lifestyle and Culinary Tips

Yuzu In Korean Cooking (Yuja)

Of all the citrus fruits in the world, yuzu probably has the strongest, most intoxicating fragrance making it coveted in the culinary world, even more so because it is banned to import into the United States. While chefs in the Western countries increasingly use this ingredient in their kitchens, this East Asian fruit has been an important part of China’s, Japan’s, and South Korea’s culinary culture for generations. In this post, I will discuss this popular Korean ingredient in-depth!

An overhead shot of Korean melon in a large pile
Lifestyle and Culinary Tips

What Is a Korean Melon? (Chamoe)

When traveling in South Korea, you may notice how expensive fruit is in grocery stores. When living in Korea, I was shocked by the price of specialty apples, kiwis, pineapples, etc. Though that is the case, some of the locally grown fruits unique to parts of East Asia are much cheaper and more readily available. One of these fruits is the Korean melon! Many people describe this fruit as tasting like a combination of a honeydew melon and cucumber. Compared to Western varieties, this fruit tastes less sweet and milder.

Black sesame milk next to black sesame seeds on a spoon and a bowl of dates
Beverages, Recipes

Black Sesame Milk Recipe

In many East Asian countries, black sesame plays an important part in their food cultures. These days, black sesame has become a more popular ingredient in the west as the world gets smaller and people try other cultural foods. One way people use black sesame is to make a nutty milk substitute. People drink black sesame milk because it is packed full of nutrients and gives a new and unique flavor to boring coffee drinks.