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Halloween spider on a wooden block
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Easy DIY Halloween Spider Decorations

t is that time of year again! Every October, I decorate my small apartment porch with homemade Halloween decorations. While I am not a craft blog, I find so much joy learning to make a new Halloween craft, surprising the neighborhood kids with a new porch decoration, and then sharing it with my readers. This year, I am going to teach you how to make the cutest easy DIY Halloween spider decorations. While you can make this craft on your own, you can also make it with large groups of friends and family. It is also kid-friendly! 

How to Freeze Ginger--Ginger on a Platter
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Can You Freeze Ginger? How to Freeze Ginger

These days, I am continually working toward preparing food and ingredients in a less wasteful and more conscientious way. Freezing food and ingredients is a popular method used when trying to reduce waste. While it is true that ginger root can keep in the fridge for an extremely long time, we often forget about it as it gets shoved further and further behind leftovers and other ingredients. Here, we will discuss whether or not you can freeze ginger. Then, I will give helpful tips and tricks for freezing ginger. Finally, I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to freeze ginger! 

Asian pears on a pear tree
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Asian Pear: A Guide to Asian Pears in Korean Cuisine

The Asian pear, known scientifically as the Pyrus pyrifolia, is a species of pear native to certain areas of East Asia. This pear, also known as the Japanese pear, Chinese pear, Korean pear, Taiwanese pear, apple pear, sand pear, and more, is an integral part of many East Asian cuisines and food cultures. Here, I will list some informative Korean culture facts as well as some foods which use the Asian pear as an ingredient. Then, I will cover some frequently asked questions about the Asian pear.

Frozen Garlic Header
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Can You Freeze Garlic? How to Freeze Garlic Easily:

As an avid garlic lover, I constantly search for ways to make peeling, prepping, and cooking with garlic easier. Previously, I wrote about how to peel garlic quickly and easily. Recently, as I work toward preparing dishes in a more conscientious and less wasteful way, I learned how to freeze garlic to use at a later time! Here, I will teach you how to freeze whole, peeled cloves as well as minced and pureed garlic. I hope this helps you in your future meal prepping, zero waste lifestyle, and cooking endeavors!

Sliced Baechu (Napa Cabbage)
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Baechu (Napa Cabbage) in Korean Cuisine

The napa cabbage is a variety of Chinese cabbage native to the Beijing region of China. Since its origin, this barrel-shaped, mild and slightly sweet cabbage has spread across the world. The introduction of napa cabbage to North and South Korea heavily influenced the people and cooking culture. At the time of the introduction, the two countries were not yet divided. As a result, at the time, napa cabbage shifted the food culture in both North and South Korea in the same manner. Here, we will dive into its influence and importance in Korean cooking culture!