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Soju Cocktail: Soju and Tonic net to soju bottle

Soju Cocktail Recipe: Soju and Tonic

Although you may not have heard of soju, you might recognize its iconic green bottle from Korean dramas and restaurants. Soju, a colorless and slightly sweet spirit from Korea, has been the staple of Korean food and culture for hundreds of years. Typically, Korean people consume this popular liquor as […]

Bottles of sake as an introduction to the question: is sake gluten free?

Is Sake Gluten-Free? How to Find Gluten-Free Sake

Photo Credit: oonnuuoo Sake is a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice. Generally containing 15% to 20% alcohol, its sweet yet subtle taste goes perfectly with Asian-style dishes, like chicken yakitori or kimchi. Sake is not just a great drink but also an essential ingredient to many Japanese […]