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What Are the Best Food Podcasts to Enjoy?

by Emily
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Are you looking for the best food podcasts to listen to when relaxing or out and about? If so, we listed below some of our favorite podcasts for all the foodies out there! 

These days, foodies can find culinary inspiration on their social media feeds, in cookbooks and food memoirs, and on TV. At the same time, podcasts add a further opportunity to learn all about food. For example, you can listen to instructions on how to poach eggs or debone a chicken. Also, you may want to hear experts discuss vegan alternatives or food from another culture.

In this article, we listed some of our favorite culinary podcasts. While some may give you the opportunity to learn about food from distinguished cookbook authors and chefs, others may dive deep into the history or science of different foods. Whatever your culinary interests, there is a podcast for you here! 

5 Food Podcasts We Recommend

Below, we listed our favorite food podcast. If you have a favorite we did not list let us know! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email us at [email protected]!

1. The ‘All-Inclusive’ Food Podcast: The Splendid Table

NPR first introduced the award-winning show ‘The Splendid Table’ in 1997. Since then, the show expanded from radio to podcasts as well. Currently, the relatable and effortlessly friendly Francis Lam leads the show. Through this food program, he hosts discussions with food writers, chefs, and researchers about varying food topics. While some segments take you on a journey through culture, others feel like in-depth and informative journalism about different food topics. As Francis Lam says–‘From The Splendid Table, the show for curious cooks and eaters.’

They update this feel-good food podcast every Friday. At this time, you can listen to The Splendid Table here

Food Podcasts: The Splendid Table Logo
Photo Credit: The Splendid Table
Do You Like The Splendid Table?

2. A Travel Food Podcast: Milk Street Radio 

NPR airs another award-winning radio show and food podcast–Milk Street Radio! Through this show, Christopher Kimball, the founder of Milk Street, and the cast take you on a journey around the world as they ‘reveal how food and cooking change lives and cultures.’ Soon, you will discover new foods and recipes to try from all around the world! For the foodie travelers, I recommend checking out this show!

They update this worldly food podcast every Friday. Finally, you can listen to Milk Street Radio here.

3. A Comedy Food Podcast: Spilled Milk

If you need a break from the serious true crime or global news podcasts, try listening to a foodie comedy show from Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton. Not only are they your foodie hosts, but they are also hilarious comedy writers. Each week, our two hosts discuss different food topics with lots of humor. Soon, you will find yourself giggling while taking a stroll or working out. 

They update this comedy food podcast every Thursday. In conclusion, you can listen to Spilled Milk podcast here

Food Podcasts: Spilled Milk Logo
Photo Credit: Spilled Milk
Do You Like Comedy? Try Spilled Milk!

4. Food Through Science and History: Gastropod

Every other week, Gastropod airs a show discussing food through the lens of science and history. Co-hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley dive deeply into different food topics. Each wee they bring forward the history behind certain foods, as well as the science behind why food is the way it is. Honestly, this podcast is the best for those who like to geek out! 

They update this science and history food podcast every other Tuesday. At this time, you can listen to Gastropod here

The Gastropod logo
Photo Credit: Gastropod
Let’s Learn About the History and Science of Food!

5. The Southern Podcast: Gravy

As a southerner, Gravy holds a special place in my heart. This series, produced by the Southern Foodways Alliance, takes you through the culinary history, culture, and landscape of the American South. In each episode, you will hear stories from people all across the ever-evolving south. You may hear stories from immigrants who made the South their home. Or, you may hear of families whose Southern culinary traditions go back generations. Gravy focuses on the South and how the culinary map continues to shift and change with time.

They upload this southern food podcast sporadically at different times. Finally, you can listen to Gravy here

The gravy podcast logo
Photo Credit: Southern Foodways Alliance
Gravy–A Southern Podcast

We Hope You Enjoy Listening to These Food Podcasts

Let us know if we mentioned any of your favorite food podcasts. If you have others to recommend, comment in the section below or email us at [email protected]!

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