Month: December 2020

Bourbon Slush Recipe: Two crystal glasses filled with bourbon slush

Bourbon Slush Recipe (A Southern Cocktail)

In the south, the bourbon slush reigns as a favorite party cocktail. You can dress it up with crystal glassware for special events or dress it down with casual everyday glassware for your family get-togethers. Either way, people are happy when they learn you are serving bourbon slush! My mother […]

Traditional New Year's Recipes From Around The World

New Year’s Recipes and Food: Traditions and Customs

Emily Recommends (XII): Traditional New Year’s Recipes and Food from Around the World. New Year’s is around the corner. Before long, we will say adieu to 2020 and hello to 2021. Thank goodness, right?! Throughout this year, the world seemed almost unrecognizable as crazier and crazier events took place. As […]

A Plate of Hot Pepper Jelly with Cucumbers, Cream Cheese, Red Peppers, and Crackers. Learn how to make our hot pepper jelly recipe

Hot Pepper Jelly Recipe and Tips for Jarring Safely

Every year, our southern family holds a tradition of eating hot pepper jelly during the holiday season! Created in Texas during the 1970s, hot pepper jelly gained momentum in popularity until it became a favorite in most, if not all, southern homes. At least that is the case amongst our […]

Gluten-free Doenjang

Gluten-Free Doenjang Brands: Emily Recommends (XI)

In our “Emily Recommends” series, we introduce cooking techniques, tricks, writers, bloggers, YouTubers, ingredients, and more every Thursday! Recently, we began to introduce Korean food and culture further through this “Emily Recommends” series. Some of our Korean recommendations include our favorite Korean food bloggers, some easy/quick banchan recipes, and our favorite gluten-free […]