Month: August 2021

Korean Kimchi

What Is the Purpose of a Korean Kimchi Refrigerator?

A kimchi refrigerator is a type of refrigerator specifically designed to store kimchi. Not only does the refrigerator need to keep the kimchi cool, but it also needs to facilitate the fermentation process necessary to make proper kimchi. For those interested in making large quantities of kimchi, you may want to invest in one of these. After all, for many people in South Korea, especially those who make their family kimchi, a kimchi refrigerator is an invaluable tool they cannot live without. 

Korean Chopsticks on a Bowl

Korean Chopsticks: An Informative Guide

In this post, we will focus on learning about Korean chopsticks–First, I will answer common questions about Korean chopsticks such as ‘why are Korean chopsticks metal’ and ‘why are they flat.’ Then, I give hints about proper chopstick etiquette.

Oi Muchim In a Bowl

Oi Muchim Recipe (Spicy Korean Cucumber Salad)

During the summer months, in our household, we love making oi muchim, a type of spicy Korean cucumber salad. While this seasoned cucumber dish has a spicy kick, it is also refreshing during the extreme summer heat. Here, we will teach you about oi muchim and answer any questions you may have about this dish.

A beautiful breakfast table with peach momo

Korean Breakfast Trend: Greek Momo Recipe

Since 2018, around this time every year, the ‘Greek momo’ pops up across social media in South Korea. This aesthetically pleasing summer recipe is extremely delicious–To make this recipe, you combine creamy greek yogurt with a sweet and juicy peach. In the end, you have the perfect breakfast or brunch treat for yourself, your significant other, and/or friends! 

Ttukbaegi vs Dolsot

Ttukbaegi vs Dolsot: What Is the Difference?

Recently, on the blog, we began to take a deep dive into Korean cooking tools. These tools, such as the onggi, ttukbaegi (or ddukbaegi), and dolsot, are an integral part of Korean cooking culture. Many of the cooking traditions go back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. In these individual articles, we explain what these tools are as well as how to use and maintain them. Now, we will compare two of these tools! Ttukbaegi vs Dolsot!