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10 Tips to Help Jumpstart Spring and Summer

by Emily

Spring is here ladies and gentlemen! The weather is warming, the flowers are in bloom, and our bunny is getting frisky. It is the time of the year to open the house and rid of the stuffy air bottled up all winter. I don’t know about y’all, but I have the same routine every spring that I thought I might share with you.

Here are my top 10 tips to get ready for the rest of spring and the beginning of summer:

1. Do a closet swap:

I switch out and pack up my closet during spring and fall. Who wants to be reminded of warmer days when suffering through the snow? Vice versa, who wants to look at sweaters when it is scorching hot outside? I carefully fold all of my winter clothes and put them safely into Rubbermaid. Once packed, I just slide it under my bed until colder days appear. Doing this helps keep my closet clean, organized, and uncluttered.

2. Iron everything:

To start off spring, I like to spend a Saturday watching my favorite “springy” movies (Anne of Green Gables, anyone?) and ironing all my blouses and pants that I put away during the winter. This way, everything starts out crisp and fresh. There is no rush to look for a pressed shirt that matches my pants when heading to work in the morning.

3. Go out and get that sunscreen:

Maybe splurge and get yourself a new hat. I am all about skin care. As a very pale individual, the littlest amount of sun makes me burn and freckle. Better safe than sorry! And, yes, skin care products do go out of date and become less reliable. So if you are using sunscreen from three years ago, it is sooo not going to work!

4. Go out and buy yourself some pots and plants:

Having something to take care of forces you to take care of yourself. Plant something easy to care for like basil or rosemary. Maybe go above and beyond and plant tomatoes or a dwarf fruit tree. Even if you only have a balcony, it allows for fresh produce that is both healthy and organic. Trust me on this one, you will feel a little bit of joy every time you see a new leaf pop up or take a bite into your juicy (and fresh!) produce.

5. It is time to clean out your desk:

A desk can get cluttered whether you work from home or in an office. I let papers pile higher and higher all winter long. With shorter days and colder temperatures, I have a tendency to curl up after work and snooze the evening away. I leave little time for paperwork. Go ahead and get this done. It is a monkey off your back and will set you up for the rest of the year.

6. Walk:

I don’t care when but go on walks. Walk in the morning, during your lunch break, or after work. Walking helps maintain your figure, helps blood circulation, and just feels good in this warm air! Take some time to see all the flowers in bloom. It helps to slow and quiet down the hustle and bustle of life. Not only do I physically feel better when I walk, I emotionally feel like I have a better hold on my life. Nothing eases my anxiety and stress like a nice walk. It helps me take a deep breath and find balance again! (Besides feeling better, I am a fitbit addict! Gotta get my steps in!)

7. Cooking related:

I like to clean out and organize my pantry every 6 months. Some things go bad and need to be thrown out. Our pantry also tends to get cluttered and disorganized throughout the year. While cleaning out, keep a pen and paper by your side. This way, you can start a grocery list for everything missing that you absolutely need.

8. Eat local:

I get so excited when spring comes because it means the farmers markets are going to start opening up again! Eating local and organic is more sustainable, less expensive, and more fun. I love getting advice from the individuals who actually grow the product. Take the time to ask for their favorite recipes. No one knows how to cook produce better than those who worked so hard to care, grow, and produce it!

9. Treat yourself-you earned it:

Winter is hard on the body and mind. My skin has a tendency to get rough and dry, I have a hard time waking up during the long winter months, and doing any activity (like grocery shopping) takes extra effort in winter weather. Getting through winter without falling apart in self-care, work, and daily necessities is something to be proud of. So, take yourself out to a restaurant, go to the spa, buy yourself a nice bottle of wine, spurge on an expensive yoga or bar class, buy yourself a new spring outfit, get your nails done, stay in a hotel one night. Do what you need to do to feel good entering into a new season. Like I said, you have earned it, so don’t feel guilty for taking care of you.

10. Try something new:

After winter, I often feel in a rut. It feels like every day runs together in the same way. I try my best to try something new during the spring and summer. This year fingers-crossed, I am going to take scuba diving lessons! And, maybe, even some dance lessons!

What do you do to get ready for spring and summer? Please let us know in the comments below!

P.S. Who is excited for the royal wedding? I can’t wait! Prepping with some English tea…

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Jandi May 18, 2018 - 3:07 pm

Wait for me to take those scuba diving lessons! or maybe you can teach me 🙂

Emily May 18, 2018 - 4:49 pm

Come visit in the summer! We can do them together!


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